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How log does it take to know if im approved ?
The typical wait time is generally 6 – 8 weeks depending on what type of verifications are necessary. It can be much longer. You are not on the wait list until you are approved. Once approved, the wait list placement is by preference and date and time of application for the Multifamily program. The Housing Choice Voucher program is selected in lottery style by preference.


How much will my rent be ?
Your rental amount is based on 30%of your gross income, no matter what that income is. Examples: $8.00 an hour at 40 hours per week your rental amount would be $415.00 minus a utility allowance; $900.00 a month in social security benefits your rental amount would be $300.00 minus a utility allowance. If you have child care for children 12 years of age and under, that is a deduction if it allows you to work or attend school. If you are over age 62 or disabled you may also have additional medical deductions.


What is utility allowance ?
A utility allowance is determined by the Housing Authority based on the type of utilities and past year averages that a tenant must pay for while being assisted. These may range from $45 - $230 in Fort Mill.


What will disqualify an applicant to be approved for the Housing Authority
There are many qualifications and each applicant is looked at independently. A few reasons you will be denied housing are owing another housing authority, an illegal drug charge of any kind within the last five years, over the income limit, and not providing all correct information in a timely manner. An arrest or detainment by the police of any kind, if not reported, may disqualify an applicant.


Does the Housing Authority help with Security or Utility Deposits ?
No. The Housing Authority of Fort Mill will only assist with rent. Each client must make arrangements to pay for these deposits and these can be up to $1000.00 or more easily. With the Multifamily housing program your utilities will be with Duke Energy, York County Natural Gas and the Town of Fort Mill. If you receive a Housing Choice Voucher, utilities may be Duke Energy, York Electric Cooperative, York County Natural Gas, the Town of Fort Mill, Riverview Water or Lancaster County Natural Gas.


How long is the waiting time to be housed ?
This question can be answered in numerous ways and it depends also on the bedroom size needed. The general answer at the Housing Authority of Fort Mill for the multifamily program is three years + / -. This would be from the date your application is submitted. Preferences also play a heavy part in this timing. The first preference is for over 62 years of age, disabled head of household or spouse, and head of household or spouse that is working 30 hours or more per week. A preference may change and the waiting list will shift. The Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher wait list can be a wait of five or more years. However, with both programs, if you do not apply, you will never be housed.


What if I am found ineligible ?
You may request an informal hearing in writing within 10 days of the ineligible letter date. During this hearing, you may provide evidence or an explanation why you should be found eligible. Remember, clients are being approved or not by the information found on the application and verifications. There could be possible justifiable reasons to have derogatory information.


Where are the affordable Multifamily housing units located
Bozeman Drive – Nature Trail Crossing, Anderson Street – Anderson Place, and Rea Circle – Harris Hills, and 2 scattered locations on Harris Street and Morgan Street. All are in the Fort Mill Township./div>